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, and they overcame them, and if they overcame them, you can overcome them, too. >> that was president obama just a few hours ago down in atlanta, georgia, giving the first commencement address by an african-american president to the all-black, all-male graduating class at moorehouse college. he also had this to say, which countered the controversy, small controversy, sparked around this speech. >> my job as president is to advocate for policies that generate more opportunity for everybody, and it is important for all of us, black, white and brown to advocate for an america where everybody's got a fair shot in life. not just some. >> joining me from atlanta, the president of moorehouse college, dr. johnson wilson jr. and leyland shelton who graduated today and also mentioned in the president's speech. good to see both of you. legalland, leyland, a big congratulations, sir. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i'll get to the controversy in just a second, dr. wilson, but, again, a big day for moorehouse. first african-american president speaking and the country's most prestigious historic
benghazi came down you were mitt romney's running mate trying to unseed president obama. do you believe, do you believe that the white house purposely misled the american people on benghazi to try to beat you and mitt romney and win the election? >> i don't know the answer to that question. so i'm not even going to speculate. that is what good oversight does. that is what this investigation is all about. which is why did they continue to perpetuate the story which they knew was not true you and what was the reason for doing so? so rather than make a conclusion before an investigation has been completed i think we just need to investigate this for the sake of good government. this is what the legislative branch does. that is what the separation of powers is all about, accountability of the executive branch by the legislative branch. i don't want to speculate as to why and what they did until we have all of the information. i think what we know right now is that they were misleading. >> chris: we have less than two minutes left, congressman. when you look at all of the scandals, irs, the subp
will cost and how to proceed. we'll break down the numbers and the politics and growing gop opposition to president obama's labor pick. could the nomination of thomas perez be in trouble? >>> welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot.
very far right as of friday without my knowledge there are legitimate he questions here. >> obama stalk to the line today that's not the ace. down played the terrorism angle on this. the irrelevancy irs issue they have had several years they have known about this and that was covered up. ig report in process. the woman at the irs who admitted to this and apologized for it didn't mean to do that this was not a planned release of this information. she was asked a question about it and that is deeply concerning. they did not figure out they needed to deal with this swiftly and bring people to answer for it. >> bill: the report comes out as mary katharine referenced later on this week. >> why the way, that's the one point that you were right on. >> that we know of. >> liberal, conservatives, no matter what, that is so dangerous to use the irs as a political weapon. everybody should be on board and stop that. >> bill: er with all on the same page that's wrong. but the fact remains mary katharine pointed out was going on a long time was covered up. the fact that you think pickerring did his j
. but it's not showing itself yet. >> i think we have two distinct paths to go down, neil. the first path is clearly the obama administration's got some real political issues that seem to be consuming them at the moment. not one, not two, but three. and i think to the degree that generates a degree of gridlock and the prospect of further gridlock and that the president becomes a lame duck president, perhaps a year or two before he would normally be a lame duck president, i think the market likes that. but the second path clearly is much more serious and if you are suggesting or if -- or if these events, if any of these events really start to take on negative legs and start to actually threaten his administration, then i think it's going to be another entirely different story and quite frankly, as we speak now, i don't think people are quite connected those dots yet. >> neil: i agree. but i should say hearings usually bring out the best and the worst of people's fears and the idea that it was a political kabala against richard nixon, started changing changing when d like there was some mat
me out. he got the tax rate, then they started it impeachment, trying to shut down the government, everything they could. 2001. what started in now president obama -- he got his tax rates. what they are doing is trying to destroy the government, shut it down, whatever they can. this is grover norquist's plan after the taxes happen raise. like you said, you budget -- your budget is way apart. you can never reconcile that. we put the democrats and to stand for us. you are the government. thank you. guest: you are very welcome. i do wish we were the majority. we are not. the house is run by the republicans. legislationaddress that they are willing to put forward. so what my call was is for speaker banner to appoint conferees so we can deal with the business of the budget. the senate is dominated. the democrats are the majority in the senate here in the senate has done its job. now it is time for the house to move forward. appoint conferees and address the budget. 'sst: what about that caller point about partisanship? do you have friends on the republican side of the aisle? guest: abs
of the talking points that are being used. let me ask this question because the accusation is that the obama administration in some way tried to change the talking points or water them down my question is, and i'm being honest about this, what administration, anna, doesn't try to control the message no matter what it is? >> i think every administration tries to control the message. but one thing it's controlling the message is one thing is scrubbing e-mail twelve times to the point where they are completely false and misleading. >> controlled message, these are outright lies. >> that's like saying that richard nixon was controlling the message when he erased the videos. he was also controlling the message. life it how this guy says the benghazi message was obvious. benghazi happened eight months ago and they just arrived at it. we've been talking about it ate months. it wasn't obvious at all. this is more spin control. if it is as easy as he is saying, why did carney lie over and over again to the press about it. >> there are brave souls, rare as they are, who are trying to do good work. a f
hitting 52 week highs today. >>> president obama chose danny wuerffel to lead the irs temporarily. john has been following the story and joins us with more. >> the president continued today to try to tamp down this scandal and bring it to a conclusion as much as he can. yesterday he fired the acting irs commissioner who he replaced with danny wuerffel today. he said we don't need a special council to investigate this. all the congressional committees, we have plenty of investigations. >> the i.g. has done an audit, it's my understanding it's going to be recommending an investigation. and attorney general holder also announced a criminal investigation of what happened. between those investigations, i think we're going to be able to figure out exactly what happened, who was involved, what went wrong, and we're going to be able to implement steps to fix it. >> of course, it's going to start right up again tomorrow because the chairman of the ways and means committee is having a hearing on this, he told me he was not satisfied with the inspector general's report, he wants answers from steve
watching you. >> it is not the republicans getting the obama administration on this. it is the obama administration getting themselves on this. you don't go down this road and not expect to be caught. >> there was a lot of screwups. this is the worst of the issues by far. benghazi is going to be taken care of but the irs is going to have things. and the ap was ridiculous. it was about national security. >> sean: you agreed benghazi they lied and covered up. >> i said they mismanaged and did not tell all of the story they should have told when they told it. they should have had the e-mails out a week ago. >> sean: they had it right and it evolve into a lie. >> who dehe sided to send susan wright out there. susan rice rather. the most important point is who ordered the standdown of troops? >> sean: would you like to know where president obama was after he was informed about an attack on the consulate and didn't have contact be with pa panettr hillary? >> this was about a bunch of people who didn't do their job the way they should have done it. bad communication and they are paying the
. thank you. >> next on the run down, looks like the irs will be in charge of forcing the obama care provisions. lou dobbs will tell us about that. what about the folks? do they really care about these candles? >> do you know what happened that night in benghazi? >> not a clue. i'm bad with current events. >> we're coming right back. >> bill: lieu's the boss segment tonight. a woman named sara ingraham has been appointed as the director of the affordable care act office. that means she is in charge of making sure businesses apply with obama care. if they don't, they could get fined. some people are upsays about this because of ms. ingraham's background. here now fox news business anchor lou dobbs. before we get to the irs story that's what this is all about. >> absolutely. >> bill: americans making a legal donation and all of the sudden their personal lives are being investigated and the irs comes down the train running legal fees up. >> and the arrogance for the irs to step in. van der sloot is multimillionaire with great resource accountants and attorneys and they hammer him with i
. at some point people have got to figure out what they are doing down there, don't you think? former vice president al gore saying obama administration should approve the keystone pipeline. it made no difference if it came from eradicate to like less friendly nations like venezuela. there is no such thing assets cal oil and only dirty oil and dirt yes, sir oil. he is well known user of private jets that are most energy efficient way of traveling around the world. it emits at least 900 pounds of carbon dioxide compared to 180 pounds of commercial jet but i'm sure there is no hypocrisy involved. we need to change our definition of success and have a fulfilling career in life. joining us now is harvard business professor author of this new book. what you really meant to do. a road map to reaching your potential. it's great to have you. let me say professor, i think it's inappropriate to call you rob. we're talking business. the idea of finding pit bull, i was on seventh avenue. i was looking at people that were selling their wares and i flashed back when i was a sophomore in harvard, second
regulate on was never plastered around iran contra and obama isn't involved in any of the scandals. >> neil: we don't know that yet. >> benghazi is not a scandal. it's incompetence and it doesn't bring down a president. it appears what is going on with the irs, low level people who acted extremely badly which has nothing to do with the president. >> don't throw off the political ramifications of this. let's face it. we have midterm elections coming up. i don't think it has a big impact on the economy and markets, but this is political problem. the incompetence of the obama administration where one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing. people are idiotic make idiotic mistakes when benghazi is clearly an example of incompetence. that will reflect on the president and that will hurt him politically. >> two things, charlie, real quick. >> with respect to my colleagues benghazi is out right mal fee answer is and lying, fal fees answer and criminal cover-up. >> that is so true. >> what we're all agreed on there is a thin connection of the scandals across time and the economy. there is a
does. but i think many on the left were caught off guard by obama's escalation of the afghan war which he campaigned on it. that was the central aspect of his foreign policy platform when he ran for office was escalating the afghan war while drawing down the iraq war which we shouldn't have been in any way surprised, saddened, disappointed when he did exactly that. he broke many promises but he tcheapt one promise that he made. i also want to mention when i was talking about the folks who did do very good coverage of the afghanistan war when it was first unfolding and still unfolding, amy interviewed members and myself and my co-author and independent journalist who did the coverage and have continued to do it under obama. >> anyone else want to make a final comment? >> i know jeremy as soon as obama was elected at the bottom of his articles he would write jeremy pledges to be the same journalist he was under president clinton and bush's presidency. he talks about how he got the ost vicious hate mail than during all the years he was exposing bush's torture. >> i think everyone here has
president obama and say these people are going to go down. this is not happening on my watch. >> well, that is the most surprising, perhaps, what we now know washington officials at the irs which reports to the treasury secretary were involved. carl levin, hardly a republican critic of the administration is going to be holding hearings on the senate side as well as the hearing on ways and means on the house side. the fact is that every american since richard nixon has had to feel their tax returns are not only private, but they will be adjudicated and audited if necessary in a completely nonpartisan way. yes, they did have to look and see whether some of these groups were political rather than pro bono. but not in any kind of nonneutral way. the test had to be neutral. the fact they went after the tea party here as david said earlier feeds the republican critics, and this is one of the most outrageous excesses i've seen in all my years in journalism. we knew about the past national security probes, but i think this associated press investigation just rises to that standard, as well. t
. carney came out president obama is a friend of the first amendment. friend of the first amendment? >> greg: you have seeing searching bobbing and weaving. you look at holder, he is down so far he comes back aed and he is will get the bends. >> andrea: it's a terrible dance contest. not give it a ten. i want to ask, why wouldn't the obama administration go to the associated press if they are concerned with this may story on a foiled. >> why such draconian moves? >> dana: it could be they did ask, maybe they were denied. they might be able to explained and have very good reason for what they did. i'm going to dif government deference on that until we know more. the reason that eric holder had to recuse himself because he was investigated, he was being questioned as part of the investigation to find out -- i don't know exactly why. i assume it was because if there was any knowledge about a leak about a foiled terror plot. i do think, however, they knew it was coming and they were caught flat-footed. they could have been out beforehand or contacted the a.p.. instead, what he was reduc
for him. it is like pick up a history book! >> obama kind of threw gasoline op the fire by saying this is outrageous. i will do everything i can. >> he kind of has to say that in order to tap it down because it gets out of control. >> still they're doing this for a reason because they're abusing -- >> stephanie: well, yeah. that's all i'm saying. put things in context in history. would you like some fun facts? >> sure. >> stephanie: the i.r.s. targeted liberals -- they make it sound like this has ever happened before. it is outrageous. >> in the history of ever. >> stephanie: groups were not targeted -- the groups -- they were saying worth noting in this particular case, groups were not targeted in the political vendetta but were executing a makeshift enforcement separating political groups not allowed to claim tax-exempt status from bona fide social welfare organizations. employees are given zero official guidance on how to do that. by the way they might have more official guidance had they had a director. why didn't they, chris? >> because the republicans have been blocking the
that could slow down the drive. >> three congressional committees will continue to investigate potential civil rights violations by the i.r.s. after the out of thing of acting commissioner miller. president obama made the announcement from the white house last night calling the i.r.s. conduct inexcusable and americans are rightfully angry. miller was asked to resign facing the growing political scandal over the i.r.s. having targeted conservative groups like the tea party in their applications for tax-exempt status. the f.b.i. is investigating. >> the i.r.s. investigation will likely steal the spotlight when the president holds a joint news conference with the prime minister of turkey today. the leader's visit to washington comes days after two car bombings in turkey killed dozens in the deadliest terror attack there in years. authorities are blaming syrian intelligence and turkey's prime minister has been pushing the united states to take more aggressive steps to topple syrian president bashar al-assad regime. >> canada's prime minister is in new york today to lobby business leaders for
important guest speakers i am going to try to keep this short there is a endo amount going oni turn it down a couple of pages to make it fit, let me start at the federal level it is budget season as you well know. earlier this month, president obama released the proposal for the fiscal year, 2014 budget it has a lot of things that match very nicely for what we are advocating for in san francisco it has a 5.5 or four billion increase over 2012 levels 50 billion program to provide immediate transportation investments in key areas and the proposal for 2 billion in additional funds for new transit expansion projects unfortunately it relies on a peace dividend from the wars in iraq and afghanistan, and we feel that it has no chance of passage, given the lack of appetite to identify a new source for transportation as well as everyone beginning to realize the impact of sequestration. the one great spot is the tiger program generating economic program and that has managed to survive. it is over 350 million available minimum size is 10 million, in the past for san francisco this has funded a part of
" did it while they were playing a game with sponge bob, you just have to [ bleep ] choke that down. guess what? history didn't start friday. and obama administration transgressions don't wipe away yours which are many. it's like this. that's mike tyson. he doesn't get to make fun of someone's tattoo. >>> up next, the white house release of those e-mails last night really let the air out of the republicans' benghazi balloon, if you will. and what we know now about the scandal that never was a scandal. you're watching "hardball." the place for politics. this day calls you. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adult
.o.p. tieing it to all kinds of things, including obama-care. >> it looked like this was going to be a big shakedown by taking down mr. stephen miller from the irs when we find out success he subsequently that mr. miller was scheduled to resign and leave the irs as of the early part of june. this is what all the tea party leaders behind me want to know what was it that the white house knew? were they involved? were they involved in the directive? that's why there will be a question for e-mails from the president of the united states. and he will in his administration will be fully cooperative with the united states congress so we can restore the american trust in the irs. >> mark: whatever. i want to play--what you were saying david when the obama-care tie is made. >> i'm a physician i'm quite worried about the privacy of medical words. i'm quite worried that your meller records will be evaluated by the irs. >> that's why it's crucial that we ask these questions now when the most sensitive personal intimate information are our healthcare information will be all snarlized in a national fede
just have to [ bleep ] choke that down. guess what? history didn't start friday. and obama administration transgressions don't wipe away yours which are many. it's like this. that's mike tyson. he doesn't get to make fun of someone's tattoo. >>> up next, the white house release of those e-mails last night really let the air out of the republicans' benghazi balloon, if you will. and what we know now about the scandal that never was a scandal. you're watching "hardball." the place for politics. >> six people are dead in the town of granbury, texas, after a tornado packing 200 mile-an-hour winds, much of the area is devastated. >> and the powerball jackpot continues to climb. it's now $550 million. the next drawing is on saturday. it's back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." republicans have hoped to turn benghazi into a grade-a scandal the likes of watergate and iran/contra. here's senator jim inhofe with maybe a slight hyperbole. >> of all the great cover-ups in history, we're talking about the pentagon papers, the iran/contra, watergate and all the rest of them,
of singling out tea party groups for extra scrutiny. turns out ms. ingraham went over to her obama care position the one she now holds in 2010 six months before the tea party crack down was discovered by the person who replaced her in her new job. she will be responsible for making sure working people buy insurance and are provided with government subsidies if they can't provide it. still republicans don't like the idea offer putting her in that post she provided horrendous public service under her watch and now she is going to do the same thing under obama care. swell. this is a perfect example of why we need tax reform. >> actually, republicans don't want anyone in that most. house voted yesterday for the 37th time to repeal obama care. that's 37 votes democrats insist were a waste of time, harris. this is a lot of power of a person resting in one division of the irs. some republicans are raising privacy concerns about all of this. >> maryland republican congressman andy harris says his worst fears have come to roost. the irs will be entrusted with medical records and healthcare histo
. >> president obama reacting to comparisons some made between him and former president nixon who was brought down by the watergate scandal. the white house is playing defense on the three scandal. irs, benghazi and ap. there is questions about what impact this will have on the president's leadership? joining us with thoughts on this is former chief of staff to president george bush,andy carr. >> i am so thrilled to be here and yes, second terms do create college challenges. >> they do. you had a front row seat to history of course and you know what impact a crisis can have on the white house. there is drama of course. and as these scandals unfold there is a lot of talk that the president is a by stander than a leader. your reaction to that? >> i hope president obama is just as outraged as america is about what happened in the irs. that is outrageous no matter your political stripe and partisan nature and if i los foe. and i hope he is angry he was misled about the facts in benghazi. maybe he was not told the truth in benghazi and i hope he is angry on that. and he has a responsibility to lea
: what about that? eric holder apparently was supposed to put all of this down in writing and doesn't do it. this is the nation's top law enforcement officer. >> this is typical what you see the informality of governance of the obama administration. they believe word of mouth is sufficient when it shouldn't be. they believe management is something less of an underling. they don't take it as serious as we would expect. >> chris matthews thrill up a leg is gone. >> jon: next on news watch, more on the scandals overshadowing the president. >> is siege mentality on the west wing right now. >> white house press grilled the spin man on the trifecta of scandals. will the media dig deeper or back off to protect their man? find out next on news watch. i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around
for special scrutiny conservative groups like the tea party. president obama announced the resignation of the led of the agency. steven miller, a 25 year veteran of the irs, and its acting commissioner for the past six months, will step down next month. earlier in the week attorney general eric holder announced a criminal investigation to determine where the laws were broken and so targeting the conservative group. the irs admits to the criminal targeting. three years after the complaints began, and probably only because the department of the treasury ordered by congress had investigated the matter and was on the verge of finally making public its findings. now congress is back in the act, big time. multiple hearings are now on the docket. the first was friday before the house ways and means committee, where the first to fall, acting commissioner steven miller was in the hot seat. >> first and foremost as acting commissioner i want to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for the mistakes we need and the poor service we provided. the effective organizations and the americ
, sometimes the most powerful metaphors happen inadvertently, president obama at the press conference thursday, a fine marineth providing cover for the president, wondering just wondering, where the cover was when ambassador, two navy seals and an airmen were pinned down in benghazi needing cover. thank you for joining us. i'll see you am on "the five" wk days at 5:00 p.m. eastern. have a great weekend, eve
for joining us. let's talk about what we have been see on the air. has the obama presidency opened the door to the oval office to other types we haven't seen as president before? women, other minorities? >> jon, sure, eventually. but you know, let's slow down a second, everybody. latinos, women, gays, we're not quite done with it yet. >> jon: right. you mean black people because the term ends after 2016 and -- >> that's right. but the first black guy's turn. let's not be hasty, jon. look, when jackie robinson broke the coloured barrier in business ball black people didn't just get one at-bat and we're done. jackie paved the way for billie-- willie and hank and skinny, jelly roll, gentleman dave, plunk, chino. >> jon: really, plunk. >> actual player, look him up, blackipedia. >> jon: blackipedia? is there a blackipedia? >> there is. >> jon: or there will be now. so wait, so you're say nothing latino president or a woman president. >> no, no. a black latino would be fine. >> jon: i imagine also a black woman. >> yeah but a strong black woman with a strong black woman name, you know, like koch
between that and the experience of being here at guantanamo bay, wolf. >> we know president obama wonts to shut it down and move the prisoners out of there to some other location. you see any evidence that anything along those lines is in the works? >> reporter: just the opposite, wolf. in fact, the military is asking for $200 million to do renovations here. in fact, build a replacement for one of the camps that is holding the high value detainees, closing it down. it looks more like if you follow the money trail, expansion and staying just the way it is. >> chris lawrence on the scene for us. a rare visit to gitmo, the u.s. military facility in cuba. we'll check in with you tomorrow. excellent work, chris. thanks very much, very disturbing report, indeed. >>> coming up, we're also getting new information into "the situation room" about the u.s. diplomat russia is accusing of spying. we're learning details of his background. stand by. copd makes it hard to breathe... but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party. ♪ [ male announcer ] advair is
seeking answers about why u.n. ambassador susan rice relied on watered down talking points to discuss benghazi in the days after the attack. on sunday senator john mccain accused the obama administration of taking part in a coverup. >>> the internal revenue service is being accused of playing politics. the agency is accused of singling out conservative single groups applying for exempt status, and there are calls for president obama to address the issue. susan mcginnis is in washington with the latest. good morning, susan. >> good morning, vinita. the irs admits that the workers there used key word os to try to ferret out conservative groups and then target them for scrutiny. the head of the division apologized on friday and on sunday the republicans hit the morning talk shows to express their outrage. republicans are called on president obama to apologize for the actions of the internal revenue service. the agency admits to using extra scrutiny with certain political groups during the 2012 election. >> the president needs to make it crystal clear that this is totally unacceptable in
we have right now is an embarrassment for president obama and a warning to him, if you will. you know what? you've got to be really careful up and down the line because even seemingly small things such as this, and make no mistake about it, it was no small thing in and of itself to target one side of the political spectrum with say we're going to make things difficult for them, particularly in this election year. serious business, but is it a case of people down the line and only those people involved? now, obviously many republicans and some who are not republicans think there had to be other people involved. what president obama needs, he doesn't need me to tell him what to do, but what he needs to do is he needs an immediate and real fast and completely thorough investigation into this, and however bad the news is put it out, be transparent about it. >> what is the character of an investigation like that? does he name somebody from outside the administration to come in and some sort of special investigator capacity? does he count on, as his remarks indicated tonight, directing secr
inappropriate criteria to single out groups for extra scrutiny. this morning, president obama is directing treasury secretary, jack loo, to find those responsible. >> reporter: good morning. here on capitol hill, the grilling is already under way to some degree. the acting head of the irs sat down with the senate finance chair. and what was described as a pretty tough meeting. that's one of three committees here that wants to investigate. we now have the full report on the irs scandal. here's what's new. low-level irs employees made up rules that were unfair. their bosses weren't paying attention. so the rules stayed in place for a year and a half. >> we want to know exactly who knew what and when. how high up did it go? did the white house know about it? >> reporter: the extra scrutiny left some groups in limbo for three years. but even today, the irs is not agreeing to all the changes the report recommends to fix it. the bottom line is, it was wrong, president obama said in a statement last night. he's ordering the treasury secretary to put all those fixes in place quickly. and the attor
down the facts in talking points that were given to u.n. ambassador susan rice for television appearances while mr. obama was running for reelection. republicans on capitol hill claim that they had found proof of this in white house e-mails that they leaked to reporters last week. well, it turns out some of the quotes in those e-mails were wrong. major garrett is at the white house for us tonight. major? >> reporter: scott, republicans have claimed that the state department under hillary clinton was trying to protect itself from criticism. the white house released the real e-mails late yesterday and here's what we found when we compared them to the quotes that had been provided by republicans. one e-mail was written by deputy national security advisor ben rhodes. on friday, republicans leaked what they said was a quote. ". but it turns out, in the actual e-mail rhodes did not mention the state department. republicans also provided what they said was a quote from an e- mail written by state department spokesman victoria nuland. the republican version notes nuland discussing: th
about obama care, and i guess if i spoke for obama care, i guess i wouldn't have been audited. texas is creating all the jobs and the tax is very low down here. look. this flat tax is right. you've got to take this irs out of the question. what they have done the last few years is absolutely criminal. it's not on some lower level. it is targeted. what they did with karl rove, with all the conservatives in the tea party. this was targeted and a political weapon. you need to do away i with it. >> toby, that's to the point. this is not just about taxes. this was targeting a specific political group, and we've seen it, you know, for the last decade of different types. >> i also found it interesting that the president made the speech at ohio state a couple weeks ago saying how, you know, there's going to be people who tell you that, you know, tyranny is right around the corner. don't believe those people because they're making it up. they weren't making it up. it's probably deeper. if this was the only thing, i'd be very surprised, brenda. right. the flat tax takes that power away, number
in the next few years. >> yes obama will have to shame folks and play politician as we all know that obama doesn't like to do. but he'll have to play the politician role to slip things down the cracks. there is no sitting down to have a conversation about this. it's about what can i hold over your head, and i believe immigration is the strongest one. that could be used to hammer them. >> john: and the g.o.p. needs it, i do want to say that i support impeaching any president who made douglas schulman head of irs. it was president bush who appointed the man. some folks are saying that the g.o.p. will use this and it can hurt the president but there is another scandal going on right now closer to home involving mayor bloomberg. i want to get to this because a year ago this week we were embroiled in the controversy over news corp and what mourdock may have been doing. now the other story is how mayor bloomberg had this technology that seems to have been useed to spy on other people, boulevardberg's lp terminal were used by bloomberg journalists to gather information about wall street banks and
president obama a black eye and taking shots at secretary clinton than actually tracking down the people who performed these outrageous acts of terrorism and bringing them to justice. instead of securing our diplomatic post, republicans want to debate who changed talking points. >> however, the "the washington post" fact checker column today gave mr. obama four pinocchios for claiming he had described benghazi as an act of terror back on september 12th. he did not affirmatively state that the american ambassador died because of terrorism. when given repeatedly opportunities to forth rightly declare benghazi was an act of terrorism he ducked the question. finally former vice president dick cheney appearing on hannity last night called benghazi a, quote, coverup that he said is still ongoing, shep? >> shepard: james rosen in washington tonight. thanks. the senate foreign relations committee today approved a new ambassador to libya. her name is debra k jones. the president nominated her after the death of ambassador chris stevens. she is a career diplomat who has served in several middle easter
with first lady michelle obama. >> you want the soil to be really >> for all it does for others, the garden itself does the most for hemss. while some crew mates might pick up a pick or watch tv to wind down, mike goes somewhere else >> it's dark outside i throw a headlamp on and i go out to the garden and get my fingers dirty. >> one thing he says is he did take a class one, at one of the local nurseries. they helped him ge started in returning the favor he in turn held a class for other mountain view employees, standing room only. they're going to have another meeting in a couple of months. not only feeding the fellow firefighters but spreading the word of gardening around. >> i'm stopping by the fire station. >> he does hand stuff out to neighbors. if you're nice i'm sure you'll get some. >> well, hang on, we've got increasing winds outside. >> that's right. and it continues to increase our fire danger throughout the early evening hours, even for tomorrow for the most part. also a small craft advisory in effect. all of the wind is spurd off by the marine layer. this also did result in so
know. >> you look at the lead editorial in "the new york times." they talk about the obama administration's chilling zeal to shut down leaks inside the white house, another jay carney press conference yesterday, more awkwardness. so much going on. before we get to all of that, we had chris christie last night in princeton with us at one of your book signings. this guy he was talking about his weight and a little uppety. the guy loses 40 pounds or so and suddenly he thinks he is -- i don't know who he thinks he is. >> he was tough on you. >> robert redford. >> you were talking politics. it was fun. it was a great crowd. >> we were talking about white house scandals. he was talking about the windsors as in prince harry. he thinks he and prince harry are best friends now. i'm a little concerned. they chumed aroumed around on t jersey shore. you were on "katie" yesterday. >> it was fun. she dedicated the whole hour to the issue. very busy day for sure. shall we get to the news? >> yeah, let's get to the news. much busier in the news. let's go through everything that happened ye
will go pool, you win. he will be stepping down in early june. and the congressional oversight to which president obama refers has barely begun. in fact, miller himself is still scheduled to testify on capitol hill on friday. let's bring in nbc white house correspondent peter alexander and david k. johnson, columnist for peter, you got your hands on the e-mails. there they are. you've read through them. what do we learn from them? >> first of all, chris, here are the 100 pages of e-mails, okay, and what they effectively do is lay out the jostling that took place between intelligence officials and diplomatic officials. these e-mails show exchanges between officials at the white house, the cia, and the state department over exactly what should be said in those talking points, the ones would be first provided to a house intelligence committee, but also provided to susan rice on that sunday following the benghazi attack. and i think the most significant lesson that we learn from reading these documents at this point is at least according to a senior administration official,
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